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Industry leaders in artist management, marketing, promotion, public relations and music production.

Our client ranges differ from unsigned and signed acts, independent indies, major record companies and entertainment conglomerates.

What can we do for you?

Advertising, Branding & Public Relations

We can help you with artwork design, distribution, material production, general marketing, promotion and creation of online assets.

Support With Live Performances

We can support you with arranging of live performances, stage design, lighting, stage styling and your live routine.


D&A are experienced managers. We can support you with A&R, development, tour management, publishing and more. 

Negotiating & Administration

We can negotiate contracts, help with copyright, endorsements and licensing of your music. Additionally, we can support with sponsorship, synchronisation and trademarking.

Record Production

If you are looking for record production, we can help with arranging, mastering, mixing and your routine.